Google ready to launch Drive?

Dropbox is perhaps making all the running in the field, with Apple making big inroads with iCloud. So is there room for a cloud-based storage system from Google? Well, Google obviously thinks there is.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which quotes 'people familiar with the matter', Google is about to launch such a thing. In the report, it says: 'Like Dropbox, Google's storage service, called Drive, is a response to the growth of internet-connected mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and the rise of cloud computing, or storing files online so that they can be retrieved from multiple devices.'

With Android phones making up a growing share of the smartphone market, Google could walk into a rather large client base for its new product. Yes, Dropbox already has deals in place with some smartphone manufacturers for healthy limits and well-priced upgrades. But you know that Google will come in, all guns blazing, with big storage limits, well in excess of the 2GB offered for free by Dropbox. The report adds that Google is likely to do this, supporting that added storage with an ad-based model, not unlike Gmail. There should be a premium model too, but again, this is likely to undercut Dropbox in terms of price.

Google already has document storage via its Google Docs service, so a step up to hosting your photos and videos wouldn't be unexpected. If it does happen, it's likely to be bad news for Dropbox, but great news for smartphone and tablet owners. We'll keep you posted on any developments.


Source: WSJ and Pocket-lint

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