APP WATCH: Chrome for Android launches

The good news is in the title – the launch of the Chrome browser for Android devices. The bad news? Only Ice Cream Sandwich users can access it right now.

But let's not look at the negatives, especially as a good number of you will be using Ice Cream Sandwich in the next six months, Let's be positive – and there is a lot to be positive about with this new browser. Focusing on 'speed and simplicity,' the mobile version of Chrome offers similarly speedy browsing as the desktop version, with a flick of the finger working through pages and search results loaded in the background as you type – so pages appear instantly.


There are also 'reimagined' tabs that fit just as naturally on a small-screen phone as they do on a larger screen tablet. Easy to access too, again with a flick of the hand to open each in a new window. Links are also easy to find, with the browser automatically zooming in on links within pages.

Finally, privacy settings mean private browsing (if that's what you require) and if you sign in, you get some neat syncing options. You can view the open tabs on your PC (just like Firefox offers), get suggestions for sites based on past browsing and when you find a site, you can sync that and other bookmarks between computer and mobile.

All of that available in beta form now at the Android Market, just as long as you are running Ice Cream Sandwich.

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