Samsung Galaxy Note S incoming?

As rumours go, this is pretty vague, but because the word comes from a 'Samsung insider', we are prepared to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note S is a possibility, with one reservation.

Let's get the story out of the way first. Dutch site Mobile Cowboys claims to have spoken to that unnamed Samsung insider, who claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note S will launch at the MWC trade event at the end of this month, but will not hit the shelves until the second half of 2012.

On the downside, this insider didn't really mention any specifications of the new smartphone/tablet, although Ice Cream Sandwich was mentioned. No surprise there, as the original Note should have got an Ice Cream Sandwich update by the time the new model lands. It would be ridiculous for the new one to be lacking it. We would also expect the Note S to have a boost in processor (to quad-core?) and an upgraded camera, but to largely carry the same form factor.

That reservation we have? Well, it seems a little soon to be producing a sequel to the Note. The original device only launched in September and didn't get a release until November in the UK. Would Samsung really produce a sequel, hampering sales of the original Note, just a few months after its launch? That's why we have our doubts.

But at the same time, Samsung has space to fill at MWC, especially with the non-launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. So we wouldn't rule it out just yet.


Sources: TechRadar and Mobile Cowboys

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