White Nokia Lumia 800 confirmed

What is it with white phones? Obviously something as they sell in big numbers, which means manufacturers keep pumping them out. So following on from the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus yesterday comes another big hitter in that shade – the white Nokia Lumia 800.

It broke quietly on Nokia's Facebook page earlier yesterday, but has now been given official confirmation. In fact, it also has a seller and a shelf date. That seller confirmed as Phones 4u and the date being 'March'. Sorry, we can't be more specific. But you can pre-order one of these glossy white phones now ahead of that date. The contracts obviously vary according to your needs, but start at a monthly price of £20.50 per month.

The Lumia 800 launched last month as the first Nokia Windows Phone and has been largely well-received. We gave it four stars in our review, although there have been some reported issues with the battery since it hit the shelves. Nokia has recently produced an update, which we have tested and found to be a big improvement. That's likely to be some peace of mind if you are considering investing in one.

Talking about the launch, Nokia avoided any topical snow-related puns, with Ilari Nurmi, VP of product marketing for Nokia saying: 'Since we began selling it late last year, the Nokia Lumia 800 has received rave reviews around the world. Now in white, the Lumia 800 brings with it a more premium look and feel with its gloss finish, and is packed with power and performance underneath its sleek body.'

If that all appeals, you know where to go to order one.

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