APP WATCH: BlackBerry Music Store updated

It might only be a modest change, but the BlackBerry Music Store changes announced do have a fairly big impact.

The original BlackBerry Music Store was only available officially (in finished form) on BlackBerry 7 smartphones and only in certain territories, due to being powered by Amazon. Presumably, we're talking rights issues for the latter. Anyway, much of that has been put to bed with a new BlackBerry Music Store, avaialble on a wider range of BlackBerry models.

Gone is Amazon as the MP3 provider and in comes 7Digital as the music provider, with the app essentially being a storefront for the company. That's good for those rights problems it seems, as the new app is now working in more countries, including the UK. On top of that, there's now some interaction with the PlayBook. You see, the PlayBook's music store has always been operated by 7Digital. But only now can you share the music on both tablet and smartphone, as they both use the same store. So no more music 'trapped' on your tablet.

Which all means RIM almost has a complete music system across all its devices. Almost, but not quite. You see, BBM Music (which we have featured here) is still powered by Amazon MP3, so you can't access music purchased on there. If RIM sorts out that one outstanding issue, all should finally be well in the BlackBerry's musical world. The new app is available now via BlackBerry App World.

Source: CrackBerry

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