Google adds a Bouncer to Android Market

Google has taken inspiration from city centre clubs and bars, adding a Bouncer to the Android Market to keep out the undesirables.

Not undesirable people (as you probably guessed), we're talking undesirable apps, something the Android Market has suffered from in the past. Google is rightly worried that Android might get a reputation for rogue apps, so has added the Bouncer component, which provides 'automated scanning' of the Android Market for potentially malicious software.


Not that you'll notice much when you log onto the Android Market. Google claims the security has been added 'without disrupting the user experience of Android Market' or 'requiring developers to go through an application approval process'. In short, as you were.

Google says the security program 'performs a set of analyses on new applications, applications already in Android Market', analysing the app for known malware, spyware and trojans. It also looks for behaviour that indicates an application might be 'misbehaving', as well as comparing it against previously analysed apps to detect possible red flags. Google will also analyse new developer accounts to help prevent malicious and repeat-offending developers from coming back.

All of that should ease your mind when it comes to downloading apps, although Google says malicious apps are already in decline. Between the first and second halves of 2011, there was a 40% decrease in the number of potentially malicious downloads from the Android Market. Obviously, your own common sense is still the biggest guard to installing dodgy apps, but it is nice to know that someone is looking out for you before the apps even get to the Market.

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