Asus Transformer Prime pulled from online store

On the plus side, it was one of the first tablets to get the Ice Cream Sandwich OS update, but at the same time, the Asus Transfomer Prime has had its problems. Enough of them for it to be pulled by online retailer Clove.

Speaking about the Transformer Prime, the retailer posted on its blog: 'We are at this time not satisfied that all units we could provide you with are working correctly, and performing to the standard we expect. We have therefore taken the decision until further notice to stop selling the Asus Transformer Prime.'

The issues stem from both the Wi-Fi and GPS on the tablet. Asus doesn't accept there are problems, claiming the Wi-Fi issues don't affect the UK version of the quad-core tablet (and laptop), with a fix for the GPS problems already pushed out.

Commenting on the situation, Asus said: 'We have conducted extensive testing on the Transformer Prime in laboratory conditions and the device is performing as expected in all areas. Asus prides itself on the rigorous testing of all products to ensure the highest quality possible. We refute any and all claims from third parties regarding the quality of our products.'

It might all be academic anyway, with Asus already launching a follow-up to the original Transformer Prime, the Transformer Prime TF700T. Interestingly, that new model has a new back panel that will apparently enhance the Transformer Prime's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS functionality. That does indicate there was room for improvement in these areas, but doesn't necessarily indicate any were at fault.

Clove hasn't ruled out selling the Transfomer Prime permanently, suggesting it will continue selling it once it's sure there are no problems. Other retailers are still selling the tablet, which we presume means they are perfectly happy with its performance.

Source: Crave

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