Bamboo smartphone unleashed

A bamboo phone designed by a Middlesex student is set to hit stores at the end of the year. The new smartphone, nicknamed ‘ADzero', is made from durable organic bamboo and runs on the Android OS while packing the full range of features, including a camera with a circular flash (to minimise shadows).

We love the environmentally chummy design, which boasts a sizeable screen yet weighs around half as much as Apple's iPhone. The ADzero was well-received when designer Kieron-Scott Woodhouse showed it off at London Design Week 2011, and he now plans to launch the phone in the UK at the tail end of 2012.


Bamboo phone ADzero designer Kieron-Scott rocks the phone and a snazzy jumper

Designer Kieron-Scott shows off his wooden handiwork

The bamboo body is ‘extremely strong and very durable' according to Kieron-Scott, so should appeal to anyone who's gurned in horror as their iPhone spins off a desk to almost certain doom. Just don't whip it out around any pandas (boom boom, we're here all week etc).

We asked the designer what to expect from the launch, and while he couldn't confirm how many units would be produced, he told us he was hoping to target boutiques and specialist shops. The bamboo phone will also be available to purchase online.

Bamboo gadgets aren't entirely original – Asus already launched a bamboo laptop, which was certainly tough but also rather pricey. We can only hope the ADzero is as friendly to our wallets as it is to the Earth.

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