BlackBerry London gets a new look

You might recall the BlackBerry London, as it's been talked about extensively despite a launch date being some time away. Well, amazingly, despite not being launched, the London now has an all-new look.

The CrackBerry site has got hold of a new render of the BlackBerry 10 phone, which looks to have ditched the metallic look of its first incarnation, instead going for a look more in keeping with a modern day smartphone (or a miniature PlayBook if you like). The new image of the super-slim phone comes from a slide taken from a leaked BlackBerry 2012 roadmap, so we can assume this version of the phone is the most recent – and the one RIM is currently planning on going with.

Details of the phone are still a little vague though. Obviously, it will be running the all-new BlackBerry 10 (formerly BBX) platform and according to RIM, will land in 'the latter part' of 2012. But CrackBerry adds that the London is actually the UK model (for obvious reasons), with variations known as the Laguna and the Lisbon arriving perhaps prior to the London, probably aimed at the US market. All will have 1.5GHz dual core processors.

Expect this one to run and run, perhaps all the way into autumn. There might even be another new look before then.

Source: CrackBerry

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