APP WATCH: Sky Go for Android imminent

It was July 2011 when Sky Go launched for the iPhone and iPad, with an Android variant of the app promised continually since that date. Well Android users, it looks like your wait is almost over.

The ability to watch premium Sky content wherever you are will be available from the end of next month, which is just long enough to go get yourself a Sky TV installation if you haven't got one already. You don't need one, but if you have got Sky TV on your home, Sky Go is a free service, which is where the value really is. Alternatively, you'll currently be paying between £15 and £40 per month for the mobile-only service, which is a big chunk of cash.

Head of Sky Go Holly Knill said: 'Sky Go is all about helping more people watch the TV they love wherever and whenever it suits them, so I'm delighted to announce the rollout of Sky Go to Android. We know how much Android users have been looking forward to the launch of Sky Go on Android smartphones, and we've done everything we can to make sure that our bespoke design is worth waiting for.'

'This latest announcement is all part of the process of constant evolution that has seen Sky Go move from strength to strength over its first six months, and we look forward to bringing more developments to the service as the year progresses.'

Interestingly, Sky has also announced a new internet TV service, which is targeted at those without a Sky TV contract and will be available across all devices, including phones and tablets. Details of this are limited right now, but it will be offered as a pay monthly or pay-as-you-go model. With Netflix and LOVEFiLM currently in a battle for your mobile movie money, Sky might well use some aggressive pricing for Sky Go to muscle into this market too. More good news for Android (and iOS) owners, especially those without a Sky box.

Source: TechRadar

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