Apple is the third largest phone manufacturer

Turns out people quite like the iPhone. Apple captured a record 8% of the global handset market in the last quarter of 2011, making it the third largest manufacturer of phones - despite the fact it only makes smartphones.


According to a report from Strategy Analytics, the company that spawned the iPhone, iPad and a billion iJokes shipped 37 million iPhones in Q4, and 93 million iPhones in total.


'Apple's growth was fuelled by intense demand for its refreshed iPhone 4S, as well as the availability of three generations of iPhones at a variety of price points,' said Alex Spektor, associate director at Strategy Analytics.


Globally, a total of 1.6 billion phones were shipped, 113.5 million of which came from Nokia, maintaining its position as the topselling phone manufacturer despite an 8% decline in sales. While Nokia is still a big deal in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, where its low-end dual-SIM handsets are going down a treat, its Symbian smartphones sales are dropping faster than the already-unimpressive sales of its Lumia 800 can counter.


Nokia should be palpitating – Samsung is fast catching up with accerelating handset sales that saw it shift 95 million units in Q4 2011, giving it 21.3% market share that quarter to Nokia's 25.5%.


Unsurprising, given the success of the Galaxy S II, as well as its lower-spec Android-powered Galaxy range. Samsung pipped Apple to the spot of topselling smartphone manufacturer, and in total sold 327.4 million handsets – smart and not – in 2011, at a growth rate of 18% since 2010.


But that's dwarfed by Apple's annual growth rate of nearly double. Strategy Analytics director Tom Kang added: 'Currently in just its fifth year of participation in the handset market, Apple is on track to ship well over 100 million units during 2012. China is becoming a key market for Apple this year, and we expect Apple's share to grow rapidly in 2012, despite countless copycat rivals.'

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