iPhone 5 heads into production

It's not the most imminent Apple launch. In fact, we'll not see the iPhone 5 until some time after the iPad 3 launches. But already some interesting snippets of information about the new phone are slipping out. In fact, it's already heading into production, according to one source.

A 'mole' at Foxconn in China (where the iPhone is made) has revealed some interesting details, although specifics about the finished phone remain particularly vague. First up, the new iPhone is now gearing up to go into production, which tells you that the phone now has something approaching a 'finished' design.


But don't go expecting it to be in the shops anytime soon. There tends to be a five-month lead time on a new iPhone, but that should mean the iPhone is back on its usual summer schedule rather than running late, as it did last year. In fact, production didn't start until spring last year for the iPhone 4S, hence the delay in getting it on the shelves.

As for the design, the factory source claims various sample devices are doing the rounds right now, so it's impossible to say which is the final version. However, they all have certain things on common. There's a 4+ inch display (at least one of which is made my LG), it isn't the much talked-about 'teardrop' shape and the new phone is longer and wider than the current iPhone 4/4S. So not much detail, but you get the idea that the new iPhone will come with a new shape, just not too radical.

Of course, this all could be guesswork. But the source relaying the information to the 9to5Mac site is the same one that broke the news last year of an iPhone 4S rather than an all-new iPhone 5. With that in mind, we're adding more weight to this than your average iPhone rumour.

Source: 9to5Mac

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