HTC Flyer getting Ice Cream Sandwich?

OK, let's do a quick recap. The HTC Flyer launched in the first half of 2011, with the Android tablet reviewed by us pretty favourably not long after. But it launched with Android Gingerbread, which perhaps wasn't ideal for a tablet. Fast forward to December and the company confirmed that the Flyer was finally receiving the Honeycomb update over-the-air. End of story? Not quite.

A welcome bonus could be incoming for loyal HTC Flyer customers, an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. When HTC revealed its Ice Cream Sandwich plans, the Flyer tablet wasn't mentioned, the presumption being that the upgrade process had ended for the seven-inch device. But HTC's own customer service seems to have confirmed the opposite.

Here's the story. Some users of the Flyer haven't been overly keen on that upgrade to Honeycomb, due to the change of look and feel, not to mention an uncomfortable relationship with HTC Sense, which doesn't sit well with Honeycomb. HTC's customer services have been accommodating, offering to take back the devices to revert back to the original settings. Or customers can wait for Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to a HTC rep, the Ice Cream Sandwich update is scheduled for 'the first quarter of this year', which, as you probably know, is about now or in the coming couple of months at the latest. No official comfirmation has yet come from HTC, so take the report with caution. But with HTC's own customer services giving out this information, you would assume it is based on some kind of fact.

When the official word filters down, we'll let you know. In the meantime, you might want to keep an occasional eye out for updates on your never know, it might just sneak out unexpectedly.


Source: Android and Me

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