HTC Evo 3D price slashed by Asda

The HTC Evo 3D can be yours for just £249 from your local Asda, if you're a sucker for the three dimensional movie shows.


Following in the stumbling footsteps of the LG Optimus 3D, the HTC Evo 3D has a three dimensional screen that can be used to play 3D games and watch movies that jump out of the screen at you. You can also take 3D photos using the dual-lens camera.


We're less than enamoured with the tech, which is cool for the first ten minutes or so until you realise there's very little supported 3D content, and you're basically stuck with a bulky gimmick phone until your contract runs out. In two years' time. Pass the JD, it's gonna be a rough night.


This latest price drop - which essentially makes the HTC Evo 3D as cheap as the ZTE Tania - is a fairly bright sign that this 3D guffins hasn't quite captured the public's imagination.


Asda is backing the device however, and the press release came with ten punbelievable 'films' you could watch on the Evo - including Ring Kong, The Textorcist, and The French Connection. Wait a minute, that last one isn't even a pun, that's just the name of a film. What, are you including it cos of the 'connection' bit? Or did your brain just automatically shut down out of shame, and you had to fill the list with whatever.

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