Friday news round-up

Apple once again dominated the rumourmill, thanks to whispered promises that the iPad 3 is in production. This escalated to a possible iPad 3 launch in February, but we're still waiting for the thumbs up from Apple bigwigs.


As if that wasn't enough, Apple stole precious column inches with its new iTunes U and iBooks 2 releases (focused on those still in education). Also, if you already own an Apple iPhone or iPod, you can now get a bit of pocket cash for recycling it.


In more sciencey news, the Nissan self-healing iPhone case might be the best thing we've seen all week. Bash it about and carve gouges in its surface, and the case magically repairs itself like human skin! However, come the inanimate revolution, it may also sprout miniature arms and deal out some serious payback.


It was heartbreak for Samsung fans, as the Samsung Galaxy S II HD edition was dangled before us like a succulent carrot, then cruely torn away again. Perhaps the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 designer phone will appease you instead?


Finally, it looks like a Sony Windows Phone is on the horizon, while Nokia's Lumia 800 has finally received its much-anticipated battery fix.


That's all folks, but if you still haven't checked out our hands-on previews of the ZTE Tania and the BlackBerry Porsche, we can't think of a finer way to pass the time when you're slouched over drunk on the last train home. Have a great weekend!

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