Nissan's 'self-healing' iPhone case unveiled

Nissan has created the world's first ‘self-healing' iPhone case, the Nissan Scratch Shield, using its own pioneering paint technology. The rigid protector is apparently scratch-proof to begin with, but if it does get scuffed, the surface paint reacts to change back to its original form and fill the gaps.

Impressive technology, and even more impressive is that small scratches can heal in as little as an hour. Even severe gouges can fix themselves, although it may take up to a week. The case is still in beta testing right now, but Nissan is hoping to put the cases on sale later this year.

Our eagle-eyed readers may also spot the Ministry Of Sound logo on the rear of the case. Nissan has joined forces with MoS to host a party in Dubai, featuring legendary DJ Pete Tong, where the first 100 cases will be released. We won't be invited, but we'll pretend we don't care as we sob into our bag of nachos while watching endless Top Gear repeats on Dave.

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