Ice Cream Sandwich heads to Asus Transformer

If you are a little confused about the Asus Transformer range, let's do a quick recap. At the recent CES, Asus launched the Transformer Prime TF700T, a slightly improved version of a model just on the shelves – the Asus Transformer Prime. That was a step up from the original Asus Transformer tablet, launched back in July. They all have two things in common: a name, and now Ice Cream Sandwich for the operating system.

Yes, amazingly, Asus hasn't just ditched its old model now the new ones are here, it's looking to bring the original Transformer in line with the other models. Answering a question on the Asus North America Facebook page regarding a possible Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Transformer, the company's answer was: 'Soon. It's in the process of being approved by Google. Once that is done we will be able to push it out to you guys.'

An update was rumoured, with some estimates saying February. But if the build is already with Google, Ice Cream Sandwich could launch even sooner for the original Transformer. Although Asus might have another problem to deal with first.

We heard the Transformer Prime was getting Ice Cream Sandwich and true to its word, Asus did indeed start a rollout of the updated operating system last week. But not without some teething problems. Some users say their tablets are showing an 'Unknown' serial number, which is preventing the update from installing. Asus is said to be looking into the issue, but initial fixes have produced mixed results for those affected. When Asus posts up a guaranteed solution to this, or an updated rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich, we'll let you know.

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