Motorola Xoom gets Ice Cream Sandwich

We love it when a rumour actually turns gospel. Like the Motorola Xoom getting Ice Cream Sandwich, for example.

The Android tablet was heavily tipped to get ICS just prior to the launch of the new OS, although the timescale of 'almost immediately' didn't quite come to fruition. But January isn't a bad turnaround for a new operating system, to be fair, especially for what is quite an old device in tablet terms.

The rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich starts this weekend, but only for a select group initially. If you happen to be signed up to the Google Experience Device testing group (which is unlikely, but not impossible), you'll be getting the update pushed out to your device over-the-air. In fact, some 'random' users will get it too, so you never could be you. After that, it's all about evaluation. If no major problems are discovered, it is 'very likely' that the rollout will then hit all Xoom devices.

That's good news if you love a bargain. The original Xoom has been on the receiving end of price cuts over the last year and is available for well under £300 right now. With Ice Cream Sandwich in the mix, that's a seriously tempting proposition.

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