APP WATCH: Shazam Player for iOS

Shazam is best known for its music discovery apps. But now the company is thinking bigger, looking to replace the standard music player on the iPhone (plus iPad and iPod touch) with Shazam Player for iOS.

It offers all the functions you would want from your music player, as well as some of your Shazam favourites. Specifically, you can play your music, as well as being able to manage your music and your iTunes playlists. You can even buy iTunes music from within the app. But that's not all this app is about.

With the Shazam Player, you can access LyricPlay, which streams lyrics in time to the music, with the option to buy more lyrics as they become available. On top of that, the player allows you to share the soundtrack of your day on Facebook and Twitter, watch YouTube videos and concert clips and find tour dates for the bands and artists you’re into. Of course, this is Shazam, so you can identify new music by instantly launching the original Shazam app too.

Does all of that appeal? Well, there's even more good news, because the Shazam Player for iOS is absolutely free and available now.

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