Next-generation iPad 'spotted'

You might want to take this with a pinch of salt, but the iLounge site claims it has spotted the new iPad – and it looks much like the current one. In fact, it says other tech journalists mght have seen it too without actually noticing.

That particular site claims it was seen ahead of the current CES event, with the device being slightly thicker than the current iPad, about 1mm thicker to be precise. It packs a bigger camera on the back, with the 'camera hole' silver-ringed and not unlike the one on the iPhone 4S. From the front, the new device is said to look almost identical to the current iPad, but with an enhanced screen, probably the larger Retina display that's been talked about for some time now.

So is it the iPad 3? Possibly not. If the above carries the truth, the word is that the new device could be an enhanced iPad 2, possibly going by the name iPad 2S or iPad 2HD, rather than an all-new iPad 3. Time will tell. The site also has a 'get out' clause, which is that the prototype looked like it had been produced some time ago. 'More than half a year old' it claims. So things might change before the official launch. Convenient. However, the site has a track record of spotting upcoming devices, catching sight of the last iPad's shell well ahead of launch.

For that reason, this report might carry a good degree of truth. But with a launch planned (we believe) for the first quarter of 2012, there isn't long to wait before we find out.

Source iLounge

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