CES: Sony Z1000 Android Walkman launches

It's not a new concept, Apple has done it with the iPod touch and Samsung with the Galaxy Player. Now Sony is offering a phone-free phone (if that makes sense) with the Z1000 series Walkman.

Essentially, it's something of a halfway house between a smartphone and the traditional Walkman. From the Android point of view, it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which you can access and use on the device's 4.3-inch LCD screen, with Wi-Fi allowing you to access the latest Android apps. There will be limits, with a lack of phone functionality, but not that many to be honest, especially if you're anywhere near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you love your music and media, there's plenty to love there too. Sony's S-Master MX digital amplifier is within, sorting out distortion and noise for a cleaner sound, while DLNA and micro HDMI allow you to stream your media either wirelessly or with the appropriate cable. Music Unlimited is here, should you want to buy music from Sony's store, as is a W button to go straight to the music and the option to play music by mood.

The devices will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, with prices in the US ranging from $250 to $330. The Z1000 series is heading to the UK, although there are no price or date details as yet.

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