Orange launches Tahiti Android tablet

Already doing swift business with its budget San Francisco II Android phone, Orange is looking to do the same with tablets, launching the Tahiti tablet with an equally affordable price point – as long as you sign a contract, that is.

For your money, you get a smaller seven-inch tablet packing a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, with a five-megapixel camera, along with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and (as you might expect from Orange) 3G connectivity. The Android operating system is Honeycomb, so not quite cutting edge, but it is designed for tablets. Oh yes, you get those all-important Orange apps too, should you want a cheap day out at the cinema.

Fairly decent then, which means it all comes down to the price. Being a 3G device, we are talking contract I'm afraid. If you want to pay £70, you'll need to sign up to a two-year £25 monthly contract, which offers 1GB of anytime data and 1GB of off-peak data. Alternatively, the tablet is 'free' if you sign up to a two-year deal for £41, with Orange throwing in the previously-mentioned San Francisco II Android phone to sweeten the deal. Your data allowance covers both devices.

Before you do sign up, it's perhaps worth considering whether you would want the tablet in two years time, especially when the Tahiti uses an operating system already overshadowed by Ice Cream Sandwich. It's your call.

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