CES: Asus Transformer Prime bombshell dropped

Asus revealed a new Transformer Prime – the Transformer Prime TF700T – at CES yesterday, despite the original model only going on sale this month. This may come as a surprise considering the timing, but the Transformer Prime TF700T appears to be a minor upgrade over the original.


The new Transformer Prime TF700T boasts a 1080p-compatible 1920x1200 display, the biggest change over the existing tablet. This is a reasonable improvement – on paper – over the original Prime, which sports a 1280x800 screen. However, the original's 10.1-inch display was already pin-sharp, and we're sceptical about how much of a difference the resolution boost will make to your media and apps. We'll be sure to compare the screens when we get a review unit.


Other tweaks are minor, with a two-megapixel front-facing camera replacing the original's 1.2-megapixel effort, and a new back panel that will apparently enhance the Transformer Prime's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS functionality. Again, we're not sure how much of a difference this will actually make, without playing around with both tablets.


Aside from those improvements, the other specs appear to be in line with the original. The quad-core Tegra 3 processor is still in place, as are the usual ports and storage options. The original will receive an Ice Cream Sandwich update this week, so the new version will presumably come pre-installed with the latest version of Google Android.


The Asus Transformer Prime TF700T will hit stores in Q2 2012 and cost $100 more than the original Transformer Prime – so $600 for the 32GB version and $700 for the 64GB version. If you're tempted by the tablet, will you be waiting for this one instead?


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