Prada Phone by LG 3.0 available from 6 February

In one of the quickest turnarounds from a phone maker, the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 will be available from Monday 6 February after its official launch in December.


Online retailer Clove Technology will have the Android Gingerbread phone in stock from that date for a standard-for-smartphone price of £429.99 including VAT.


This Prada Phone is the third collaboration between LG and the high-fashion house, which put its tuppence into two other touch-screen phones – the (original) iPhone-looking LG KE850 Prada and follow-up LG KF900 Prada.


Of course, version 3.0 is sounding the swankiest, with Prada-styled icons and an impressive 8.5mm slender silhouette backed by a Prada-patterned battery cover. It's potentially upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich, as its dual-core 1GHz chip and WVGA display fit the minimum requirements.


LG and Prada are likely to attract a whole new sect of smartphone buyer too with the phone's bundled extras – a Prada docking station, Prada headset and even a little bag for the phone.


If that appeals, you can hit the Clove site now to order one for yourself.

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