Google tablet to target Amazon Kindle Fire?

Last month we heard Google was launching a Google Nexus tablet and now, as expected, the details are starting to trickle out.

According to Digitimes, price will be one of the biggest selling points. With the Nexus phone range, Google has always hit the top of the range, showing off the latest incarnation of its operating system. However, with the Nexus tablet, we'll be talking cheap. Very cheap.

Taking a leaf out of Amazon's book (and in direct opposition to that company), the Google tablet is said to be selling for under $199, which is a tasty £128 if that price holds true for the UK. Well, we can hope.

If that is the case, the seven-inch tablet will have plenty of companies running scared, not just Amazon. Perhaps Apple too, although the company might well do something on that front at the next iPad launch.

Aside from Ice Cream Sandwich for the OS and that seven-inch size, no more details were forthcoming. Except one – the Google Nexus tablet will be launching around March or April, which isn't too long to wait.

Source: Digitimes

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