Android converts plagued by iMessage Glitch

It seems like only yesterday since iOS 5 launched and a thousand gibes about Apple sounding the death-knell of the SMS echoed around the internet.

The feature in question was iMessage, which allows you to send messages to other iOS 5 users absolutely free, rather like BBM or other cross-platform instant messaging services like WhatsApp.

However, a thread on the Apple support forum has revealed a pretty big problem for anyone deciding to move from an iOS 5 device to another operating system.


Some forum users who had made that transition reported problems receiving messages from contacts using iPhones via the iMessage service – which in the case of non-iOS 5 devices automatically sends as a text message.

The problem appears to be that even after wiping your data from an iPhone, if the iMessage function is still active on your Apple ID when you move on to another OS then you can't receive messages from other iPhones, presumably because their iMessage settings detect that activity. This is leaving some conversations dead in the water.


But help is at hand in the form of support thread user Alphonsusjude. His instructions to fix the issue are as follows:


Go to:
Log in if not already logged in
Click on 'edit products'
Click on the 'x' to the right of the product
Click 'unregister'

This seemed to help those users who had written in and tried the fix, so be aware of the problems when switching from iMessage and bookmark that sound advice just in case.

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