BlackBerry PlayBook gets UK price cut

Earlier in the week, we reported that the BlackBerry PlayBook had been discounted heavily in the US, making a higher price in the UK effectively unsustainable. Well, that price cut has arrived in the UK, although perhaps not as big as we would have liked or hoped.

The headline price is actually better than than the US discount. If you nip down to Carphone Warehouse, Currys or PC World, you can pick up a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for £169. That's cheaper than the US price point of $299 (£191), although not as cheap as the price of a HP TouchPad when that particular company was doing the big sell off. In that case, the tablet went for £89. So you never know, there might well be more discounting to come.

The disappointment comes with the higher capacity models. In the US, all models were marked down to one price, whereas in the UK, you'll be looking at 32GB and 64GB versions for £199 and £329 respectively at Carphone Warehouse or £409 for the top-end model at Currys and PC World, which doesn't currently have the 32GB model in stock. So discounts there too, but not to the point where we would like them to be.

Enough to revive the flagging fortunes of the PlayBook? Possibly, but with a glut of new Android tablets due on the market this year, not to mention one (or more) new iPad models, it's a tough 'ask', even with an operating system update due next month. If the Amazon Kindle Fire hits the UK anytime soon with an aggressive price point, it could be curtains for the first BlackBerry tablet – or time for another discount.


Source: Crave

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