UK price cut for BlackBerry PlayBook incoming?

As we found out last year from HP and later Amazon with its Kindle Fire, if you want to sell a lot of tablets, you need to sell them cheap. RIM looks to have taken that on board as we enter 2012, discounting all models/capacities of the BlackBerry PlayBook in the US to $299.

OK, it's not yet giving them away, but bearing in mind the entry level price in the US was $499, a price of $299 for the top-end model is a big price cut. That new price works out at £191, should it be replicated in the UK. Considering that the price of the top-end 64GB model was £409 after an October price cut over here, that's a massive saving.

Will we actually see that discount? That's not been confirmed as yet. Although it would be hard for RIM to sustain a higher price in the UK while the company is offering the heavy discounts over the Atlantic. With that in mind, we would expect some kind of price cut soon.

Of course, discounting a product like this isn't a decision taken lightly. Although well reviewed by us at launch, the tablet hasn't sold too well, not helped by a much-delayed update of its operating system (now due in February 2012), which has meant, amongst other things, no native email app as yet. With the Kindle Fire making inroads into the market and rumours of new iPad models, the future doesn't look bright for the PlayBook. Although as we mentioned earlier, a discount can do wonders for sales. Just ask HP.

If we hear about the discounts hitting the UK, you'll be the first to know.

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