Apple launching two iPad models this month?

You might want to take this with a large pinch of salt, but rumours in the Far East suggest that two new iPad models will be shown off by Apple this very month.

Digitimes is that source, which says the new iPad will come in two variations, both of which will take centre stage at the iWorld event of 26 January. How does it know? Sources at 'supply chain partners' of Apple have apparently dropped the information on the launch as well as the models themselves.

If true (and that's a big 'if'), the two new models will sit alongside the current model, creating a range of entry-level, mid-range and high-end devices, as Apple attempts to deal with the threat of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple, of course, has refused to comment.

But let's run with the story anyway. Instead of the previously-rumoured 7.85-inch screen, the upcoming iPad models are said to feature 9.7-inch screens but with QXGA resolution and dual-LED light bars to strengthen the brightness of the panels. The devices will also feature Samsung-made quad-core A6 processors and depending on your model, a five-megapixel or eight-megapixel camera. The battery on both new models has also been improved.

That's if either exist or indeed, are ready to launch. If true, there's just a few weeks to wait. After which, we'll see just how 'cheap' an iPad really can be.

Source: Digitimes

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