BlackBerry to be bought out by Microsoft, Nokia and Amazon?

Senior bosses at Microsoft and Nokia have been making noises regarding a joint bid to buy BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion.

Having recently forged a partnership that culminated Nokia's first Windows Phone, the two companies seem to be making the most of RIM's disappointing year.


Following the flop of the BlackBerry Playbook and then the network failure in the autumn that dented the company's reputation, it could be seen as a good time for competitors to be eyeing up the Canadian manufacturer.


Amazon has also been said to be eyeing up the one-time one-stop shop for smartphone-seeking businessmen, with Reuters reporting that the online retail giant had hired an investment bank to make the offer, which was subsequently rejected as RIM wanted to remain independent.

Apparently RIM has itself 'approached other smartphone makers, including Samsung and HTC, about licensing RIM's new operating system', the OS in question being BlackBerry 10, which has now been delayed till late 2012.

All three options would suggest that the Canadians are looking for something to boost profits, which are currently careening towards the red.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

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