Ice Cream Sandwich hits Google Nexus S

We knew it was in the testing phase, but now Ice Cream Sandwich is good to go on the Google Nexus S smartphone.

Google announced the update on the Android Google+ page, saying: 'We're rolling out Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, to GSM/UMTS Nexus S devices over the coming month, starting today. Enjoy the tasty update! Once you get the update, check out some tips and shortcuts for getting started at the Android 4.0 Help Center'.

It isn't clear exactly when you will receive it, but if you are using an unlocked model of the Google phone, you might want to keep checking for updates, as it should be with you soon enough. Contract users, perhaps a slightly longer wait for you. When it does land, it should be like getting a new phone – the original is around a year old, but is only the second phone on the market with Ice Cream Sandwich, following on from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

As for what's new, well there is plenty, from the look and feel to improved browsing and multitasking. If you want to know the specifics, check out our guide to what's new with Ice Cream Sandwich. Other makers are also bringing the new platform to recent smartphones, but you're unlikely to see many updates before spring 2012. So Nexus S users, you've got a few months to feel just a little bit more special than other Android users. Apart from Galaxy Nexus owners obviously.

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