Google to launch Majel voice control?

You can't really miss Siri, with Apple taking the opportunity to advertise it constantly on TV during the run up to Christmas. So it should, as the voice assistant is an impressive piece of software and good reason to invest in an iPhone 4S. But its domination of that sector could be cut short with the launch of Majel.

Yes, another strange name, but apparently this one is likely to be just a codename. A particularly geeky one too, as Google's rival to Siri is named after Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, better known as the voice of the Federation Computer from Star Trek (pictured here). Yes, really.

Google plans to get a foothold in this market by evolving its existing Voice Actions software, changing the need for specific commands to voice control in your 'natural' language. Just like Siri. But according to initial reports, it isn't going to be as sophisticated in version one. Just Google search requests will be catered for initially. But that's not the end of the story.

Google is said to be desperate to get a prodict to market to take on Siri, with engineers working 'around the clock' to get something out before the year is out. Yes, we know it's now the middle of December, so it could be here imminently. If the after effects of the office Christmas party slows down progress, it might creep into January. But expect this soon is the message. Once it does launch, further functionality will gradually be added, including phone actions and interaction with other applications for example.

More news on this one as and when we hear it. When it launches (possibly with a new name), Majel will be big and over time, when that new functionality comes, a serious rival to Siri.

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