Windows Phone SMS bug discovered

It's not a new concept, both Apple and Android phones have been threatened with attacks of this nature before, but the discovery of an SMS bug that threatens Windows phones is certainly a big concern for Microsoft.

It was spotted by WinRumors reader Khaled Salameh and reported to that site at the start of this week. It works by sending a malicious SMS message to a Windows Phone user, with Windows Phone 7.5 devices rebooting, then disabling the Messaging hub when the phone is back 'online'. Not just temporarily either, it's gone for good.

It's not a device-specific attack, but according to initial reports, the updated version of the Windows OS (7.5) is the common denominator. A similar outcome has also been reported via malicious Facebook chat messages or Windows Live Messenger messages too.

So what's the solution? Well, that lies very much with Microsoft. Details of the bug have been disclosed 'directly to Microsoft privately'. As a result, a security patch should be in place in the near future. Let's hope so, as it is claimed that there really is no workaround for it, aside from a hard reset and wiping the device, which is obviously a last resort.

Source: WinRumors

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