APP WATCH: BBC iPlayer for iPhone

Good news for TV and radio addicts, the BBC iPlayer app has finally launched for the iPhone, as well as the iPod touch.

Of course, it is already available on the iPad, installed on 1.5 million devices according to the BBC. The iPhone app should extend that reach massively. Any device running iOS 4.3 or above should be compatible with the app, which lets you flick easily between the live BBC channels on your smartphone. Of course, you can access the BBC radio stations via the app too (even in the background), while users of iOS 5 can also use AirPlay, should you want to hook up to Apple TV for big screen viewing. Catch up TV? Obviously that's here too, with fast access to the BBC's most popular shows.

But there's also one other significant change, which also affects the iPad app. BBC iPlayer now has 3G streaming. The BBC claims it has 'worked closely with the network operators', so don't expect any fallout from this one. Talking of connections, the imagery on your screen will be based on the quality of that network reception, constantly changing as the connection gets better or worse to get you best possible picture.

Give it a try to see how that works for you. But be warned – being 3G, it will be eating into that valuable data allowance. The app is available now, as is an update to the iPad app.

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