Best tech gifts: Ultimate 10

Our ultimate objects of desire would be at home on any wish list, so peruse and buy for maximum brownie points this holiday - or if you just want a new toy...

Logitech Keyboard for iPad 2

Logitech tablet keyboard


On-screen typing on a tablet is an experience few should have to suffer, and Logitech's new keyboard is a brilliant end to that suffering. It comes in two parts - a small, lightweight keyboard, and a case that doubles as the stand you rest your tablet on. It also has an adjustable arm so you can set the angle to hold you iPad 2 however you see fit, and it's Bluetooth-enabled so you can type from the other side of the room (although why you'd want to do that we don't know). A portable, well-built and downright lovely piece of kit.
>> £49.99


Scosche myTREK


Scocshe MyTrek


Fitness presents might not be the most glamorous of gifts, but this beautiful piece of tech will have any iPhone 4-owning runner jumping for joy. The phone's GPS is great for measuring distance and speed, but Scosche myTREK takes things to another level giving the jogger pulse readings (along with tons of other things) so they can ease the pace if their heart's about to pop. Best of all, this is done via a small Bluetooth wrist strap that talks directly to your iPhone about how your heart is doing. Fantastic stuff - and will come in handy when that fitness explosion starts on 2 January.
>> £129.99


Parrot Zikmu by Philippe Starck wireless speakers

Parrot Zikmu speakers


These swanky sound pushers are created by minimalist French designer Philippe Starck. They offer 100W of power, and support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can easily stream music from your phone or iPod. Zikmus look and sound the absolute business - but at a £1,000 for the set you'd have to seriously love the person you were buying them for. Perhaps one for your own stocking?
>> £999


OnLive gaming service

OnLive gaming box


It's the start of a gaming revolution - £70 buys you the OnLive box and joypad, and the ability to stream high definition games to your TV or tablet while you play. All the in-game processing is actually done on OnLive's super-computers, which then beam a signal back to your home screen. You'll get to play huge, graphics-intensive games without actually needing the horsepower on your device - meaning you can have the same experience on your 50-inch HDTV or 9.7-inch iPad. Games can be hired individually, or you can grab a subscription to the full catalogue.
>> £69.99


BenQ GP2

BenQ projector


This stunning little projector is the ultimate gift for any iPhone-owning film fanatic. It weighs just 565g and fits into your palm, so you can take it to a mate's house to watch the footy off your phone, or bring it into the office to use as a presentation tool. It'll project an astronomical 160-inch display and has a decent speaker built-in for audio (both film and tunes). It'll also keep your phone nice and juicy as it works as a charging dock.
>> £499.99


iPhone 4S Billionaire Toys Gold edition


Gold iPhone 4S


OK, so you want to get your loved one a really nice iPhone 4S? If you can stretch to almost £4,000 this Stuart Hughes designer handset will definitely impress. A limited run of 1,000 models has been made, each one fully embellished in 24 carat gold or platinum and a hand-finished frame with over 500 crystal stones. They also come with their own individually set crystal headphones for added cool, though those are headphones you'd probably not want to wear in the wrong part of town.
>> £3,795


Porsche BlackBerry Bold ‘9981/BlackBerry Knight


Porsche BlackBerry


If you've not given up on BlackBerry after the server blackouts left everyone in communication limbo for a few days in October, then you might find this brand new Porsche handset the most desirable phone on the market. It's a step up from the current flagship model the Bold 9900 - but look at that design. It's classic Porsche, both minimal and modern in equal measures, and we can see it putting a smile on many boyfriends' faces on Christmas Day morning.
>> £1,250



Monster Beats

Monster Beats


Want to buy someone a formidable pair of cans? Dr Dre's Solo HD Headphones bang out high definition noise that's ultra-crisp and precise. They work extra special when used with Beats Audio handsets like the HTC Sensation XE and XL, but they work a treat with any music playing device. The tri-fold design makes them super easy to store and the ControlTalk inline remote makes controlling your tunes a joy. Plus they look the absolute business - people will high-five you in the street if you're wearing these. Possibly.
>> £149.99


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle


The days of paper books are indeed coming to an end, and anyone without a Kindle (or alternative ereader) will soon look quite the fool reading an old, crumply novel in public. The latest Kindle is just 170g and packs a six-inch screen, and the e-ink display makes the words look exactly like paper writing. You can splash out another £60 for the 3G version - or save that money for books and download them over Wi-Fi. Plus, ereaders are also good for the environment as trees don't get chopped down to make digital downloads - always a good thing.
>> £89 Wi-Fi-only, £149 Wi-Fi + 3G


Parrot AR.Drone

Parrot A.R. Drone


This is the kind of gadget you dreamt about when you were a kid. The Parrot AR.Drone is a flying copter contraption that you control using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now Android handsets over Wi-Fi. It comes with two on-board cameras that beam images to your screen so you can see in front and below the Drone. It has regularly updated and brand new augmented reality games - the latest being two-player shooter Hunter. Basically? It's the ultimate big boys' toy.
>> £299.99



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