O2 launches iPhone 4S leasing deal

This is interesting. O2 has launched a leasing deal for the iPhone 4S, which means you can get your hands on one with no upfront cost for just 12 months. Then you can upgrade to another after that period ends. Why has no one thought of this before?

Relatively catch-free too, aside from a slightly more expensive monthly cost. O2 Lease asks for a fee of £55 per month for an iPhone 4S, but with no upfront fee for the phone. At the end of the 12 months, just give back the phone and get your hands on whatever the flavour of the month is in the future. Which might be a new iPhone or something completely different.

The phone in question is a 16GB model, which includes 750 minutes per month and unlimited texts, plus 500MB of data allowance and unlimited UK Wi-Fi. The deal will include insurance, which is worth around £12 per month. If you want the 32GB version, the lease is £65 per month. There are conditions though. The phone will have to be returned without any damage and that insurance carries a first claim excess of £60. Also, you can't claim on the insurance for damage. In short, you could end up paying out if you're not careful.

But let's look at the positives. According to O2: 'This is the first time a UK mobile operator has adopted a leasing model, and this is the smallest thing you can lease in the UK. We know that customers and small businesses are used to leasing everyday items, from cars and washing machines to photocopiers and office space. We have simply taken this idea and applied it to the smartphone market.'

O2 UK marketing director Sally Cowdry added: 'O2 has had to build entirely new systems for handling everything from credit agreements to managing device returns, and, increasingly, our recycling commitment at the end of the contracts. We believe the result is a new model that will challenge the industry and its customers to look at the UK's mobile landscape with fresh eyes.'

Source: The Guardian

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