APP WATCH: Twitter gets an overhaul

Change is always looked at suspiciously, so the new look of Twitter for your mobile device is certain to divide opinion – and be a prominent hashtag for some days to come.

It's different, that's for sure. You'll notice that as soon as you fire up the updated app on your iOS or Android smartphone. We would mention the iPad too, but right now, the update hasn't quite made it to Apple's larger device. It should be here by the start of next week though.

The new look matches the new look for the main web app, which is based on a new menu system for the social network/microblogging platform. It keeps things nice and simple, working around three components – Home, Connect and Discover.

Home, as you would expect, is your main timeline. Hit the Home button and all the latest Tweets will appear. However, unlike the web version, the mobile apps don't embed video and images into the timeline. You'll have to go to a new screen for that.

Connect is how you are interacting right now, covering your replies, retweets and new people who have started to follow you in the recent past. That same page can also 'flip' to just cover your mentions if you want to keep things simple. Finally, Discover covers trending hashtags and topics, flagging up headline Tweets on these subjects.

There is one final screen, going by the name of 'Me', which is where you can view your stats, profile and settings, as well as switching accounts for multiple users. That last thing seems slightly more fiddly with the new version, but is probably only a concern for a minority of users. If you use an iPhone or an Android device, it's available as an upgrade right now, for free of course.

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