APP WATCH: Google introduces Currents

Market leader Flipboard extended its reach by hitting the iPhone this week, but it looks like it now has serious competition with the launch of Google Currents.

It sounds remarkably similar, although Google being Google, it comes with a few added tricks and a friendliness to Google-related content. But like Flipboard, it also offers news and updates in a graphic-heavy format, allowing you to swipe through the stories with a flick of the finger on either a tablet or a mobile device.

Google has teamed up with several news agencies for the launch, allowing you to integrate some of your media favourites from the off. Like Flipboard, it also allows more personal content too, courtesy of Google+ updates, RSS feeds, video and photo feeds, as well as Google Reader content, all of which can be cached for offline viewing. Great for tube travel entertainment.

If you happen to be a publisher and want a piece of the action, Google has that covered too. The company has also launched a 'self-service platform' that gives publishers the flexibility to design, brand and customise their web content. Which is great news for small and indepedent publishers wanting to mix it with the big boys. It's a very 'Google' touch.

So all good then. Well, not quite. The app has only initially launched in the US for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. We can't see a reason for this not going worldwide, although the initial media partners may want a US slant. With that in mind, expect this to land in your favoured app store in the very near future. Flipboard is already a great success, so don't be surprised to see Google Currents taking off too.

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