Microsoft has released an iPhone app for its Xbox LIVE service that will allow gamers to access and manage their accounts without turning on their Xbox 360 consoles.


The app is comprised of three main screens: Home, Social and Games, but from each you can access your messages and settings. Swipe left and right for the screen you want to access.


Xbox Live for iOS - avatar


The Home screen features some of the video content, articles and polls from the Xbox LIVE dashboard. Social is where it starts to get more interesting. Here you'll see your animated Xbox avatar, username and gamerscore. You'll also be able to access your friends list and see what they're playing, send messages and set up beacon alerts for games you want to play with your contacts.


Xbox Live for iOS - beacons




Xbox Live for iOS - beacons


What's really cool is that you can edit your bio and avatar as completely as you can on your Xbox from this app. Yes, it's basically an exercise in dressing up but it's a bit of harmless fun and it's nice to be able to do this on the move if you so desire.


Xbox Live for iOS - games


The Games screen shows the list of all the games you've played.


Xbox Live for iOS - achievements


Click on any title and you'll see what achievements you have unlocked and which ones you still need to get. All in all, a handy little app for any Xbox fan who's not gone down the Windows Phone 7 route.


The My Xbox Live app follows Microsoft's update to the Xbox 360's dashboard interface earlier this week.


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