APP WATCH: Facebook for Android updated

Good new for lovers of Facebook and owners of Android smartphones – the Facebook app has just been updated on that very platform.

Facebook has taken to Facebook (where else?) to explain its new app, which looks to be based on the recently-updated iOS interface. According to a company blogpost, this is a faster mobile Facebook, especially when it comes to photos and albums. Talking of photos, the new app also makes it easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions on the go.

In terms of the overall design, messages and notifications are now at the top of the screen, which means you can respond to friends without having to leave the page you are on – messages can 'float' above the page. There's also a new left-hand menu, with fast access to your news feed, groups, games and apps. In short, everything is just a click away.

All good then? Not quite. There's a small (or large) glitch where Facebook friends are not syncing to the phonebook on Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones - which is just the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at the moment. A fix is likely to follow soon, but for non-Nexus users, go ahead and grab get the update now in the Android Market. It's free of course.

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