APP WATCH: Flipboard comes to the iPhone

Back in 2010, Flipboard launched for the iPad, immediately becoming one of the must-have apps for Apple's tablet. Fast forward around 15 months and we finally have Flipboard for the iPhone, offering similar functionality, but on a smaller screen.

If you've not encountered Flipboard before, presumably you haven't got an iPad, as this free app is essential for the larger Apple device. Essentially, it's a digital magazine made up by you. Well, you and your friends. It aggregates all of your social media and favourite feeds, producing a magazine that should, theoretically, be all about your loves. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Reader, Flickr and more all in one place, saving you a lot of browsing time.

Not only that, the content is laid out in magazine form. So, for example, items from blogs in your reader and laid out on a page with an image, as are tweets and links within those tweets. So if you want to catch up with the day's news and views, just fire it up and 'flip' the pages as you would a magazine. You can also save stories for reading later, should time be tight.

Obviously the iPhone version lacks the screen size for the full-on magazine experience, but all the features are here, albeit with smaller text and images. The app has been amended for the iPhone's screen, designed to be used in portrait mode, with pages flipping upwards and only reverting to landscape when an image or video demands it. There's also a new Flipboard feature called Cover Stories, a hub for all the most recent photos, updates and news from your social media done as a timeline, but with some Flipboard styling.

All of that for free. If you already use the iPad version, you can sign in with the same login, keeping all the same preferences and feeds.

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