Amazon Kindle Fire hitting UK in January?

You might want to take this with a pinch of salt, but a 'source' claims that the launch of the much-anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire is coming in January, sooner than most of us expected.

Amazon has a rather annoying habit of keeping back its latest developments for the US market, so getting this just two months after the US launch is big news. Although it's also rather limited news – limited in detail that is.

Know Your Mobile is claiming an exclusive on the story, but that story is just based on an unnamed 'source close to the launch' and the date is simply 'January'. No specific date, no pre-order details and perhaps most significantly so far, no price. Although we would expect a similar strategy as the US – cheap enough to pull in the sales, with the margins made up with sales of media and apps.

If that date is correct, it presumably means Amazon wanted to concentrate on a successful Christmas in the US before offering the budget Android tablet elsewhere. It should also mean a big announcement is imminent – Amazon did well in the US with pre-orders of the device, so will probably have a similar sales policy here.

Not that Amazon needs to worry. As we mentioned yesterday, the company is already said to have shifted five million of its tablets, with analysts predicting a 50% share of the Android tablet market in 2012. It hasn't got Apple running scared as yet, but the Kindle Fire is clearly the first real competition to the iPad. That should be the case in the UK too – just as long as that low price point is maintained.

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