O2 to sell Nokia Lumia 800

Better late than never, O2 has finally decided to sell the Nokia Lumia 800 in the UK. Which perhaps says a lot about the success of the phone's initial UK launch.

The flagship handset appeared on the 'coming soon' page of the network, but without a specific date. Recombu gave a 'source' at O2 a call, who confirmed that the shelf date for the handset is 2 December 2011. Or this Friday, if you prefer. Either way, it's not long to wait. Sadly, no details of pricing were offered, but the phone is likely to be competitive with the other networks so far confirmed, so something around the £35-£40 per month mark should be a good guide. Give the telesales a ring if you are serious, you'll probably get the bottom line if you are really pushy.

O2 hasn't previously been keen on the Lumia 800. Prior to launch, Telefónica (which owns O2) European general manager Simon Lee-Smith said Nokia would 'need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive' if it wanted to sell phones in volume.

But volume sales might well be happening. A Nokia statement on sales, reported by The Next Web, said: 'Lumia 800 sales in the UK are off to an excellent start. Based on earliest data the sales start of the Lumia 800 is the best ever first week of Nokia smartphone sales in the UK in recent history. By our measures, we have gained significant smartphone sell-out share in the channels in which we are operating in the UK.'

That essentially means meeting and possibly exceeding expectations. Which is perhaps why O2 is joining the party.


Meanwhile, Vodafone has just announced it is now ranging the cyan version - it's a very pretty sky-esque blue - so you can get one free on a £36, 24 month price plan, which includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile data plus 1GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.


As for our opinion of the Windows Phone 7.5 handset, well we rated it quite highly. You can find out how high by checking out our review here.

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