Spotify introduces integrated apps

Spotify announced today that it is opening its platform to developers and integrating third-party apps into the newly coined Spotify Platform.


Apps that were announced included event finder Songkick, TuneWiki, which shows what users across the world are listening to, and Rolling Stone magazine.


These apps will integrate into the Spotify Platform allowing you to listen to music from bands who are playing where you live via Songkick or view song lyrics of what's playing via TuneWiki. Media partners such as The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork will use Spotify to power curated playlists and recommended music, which can be accessed from within the Spotify program.


All this info will show in the left-hand bar, while the right-hand will continue to house your list of Facebook contacts on Spotify, but add even more social skill(z) by displaying what they're listening to.


What that basically means is that your Spotify window is going to get a lot busier – and to help you cope, there'll also be a new spot for you to corral your favourite friends, those whose music taste you prize above others and who you'll conceivably want to see more of.


There'll also be an App Finder to help download some of these new goodies - we wouldn't be surprised if it eventually turns into an App Store, though for now, Spotify Platform is launching with first-gen apps that are all free. They are now available in beta.

For now, there is desktop functionality only, with mobile features potentially down the line.


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took the stage in New York City where dozens of reporters had gathered, with thousands more tuning in over live webcast.


'Our mission was to give people access to all the music they wanted, all the time,' says Ek.


He said that Spotify now commands a global active user base of 10 million with 2.5 million paying subscribers who can access the app on their mobile phones – that's most recently Windows Phone 7, as well as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and standard phone users. The database currently holds 15 million tracks, with 20,000 more added every day.


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