Try Windows Phone 7 on your smartphone

When it comes to creative marketing, Microsoft has really hit the spot with its newly-launched Windows Phone 7 emulator.

The thinking behind it is to give you a taste of what Windows Phone 7 is all about and how it works in practice – without having to go near a phone shop or risk a two-year mistake with an upgrade. All you have to do is head to this mobile site and interact, working your way through the phone features, as well as the People, Messaging, Outlook, Calendar and Pictures sections via separate, fully interactive walkthroughs.


OK, it doesn't use your photos and data (which might be a little too weird), but you do get the feeling that you are using the Mango variation of the WP7 platform on your smartphone.

It's an HTML5 site, so you can access via an Android or iOS device, and although it's not an exact copy of a working Windows 7 OS, it's not that far away either. It's a good move by Microsoft and possibly a profitable one. Yes, the novelty is the main reason for trying it out (we know you'll be giving it a go this lunch time), but if just a small percentage then decide to try out a 'real' phone for their next upgrade, it really is job done for the company.

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