APP WATCH: Into by Windows Phone rewards you for using your phone

Q: How much does Microsoft want people to use Windows Phone? A: Enough to offer trips to Finland and other prizes for users who demo their phones to friends.


Today Microsoft is launching Into by Windows Phone, an app that logs up points every time you use it to demo your Windows Phone to a friend.


The app behaves like a demo such as you might see in store, allowing you to log in with your Facebook and contact details to see how the People Hub and home screen live tiles would look with your details on it.


into app - People Hub demo



into app - picture tagging demo


It basically offers a Windows Phone newbie a slightly deeper look at what WP7 is like, and, Microsoft hopes, a more enticing one.


into app - adding a contact demo


Each time you run the demo, which actually pops up little speech bubbles telling the testing friend what to do, you'll get 50 points per section that you show off.


At the moment, you can show off the social phonebook of the People Hub, picture tagging, and the process of adding a contact.


The highest scorers will go into weekly leaderboards, while the very highest scorers will win prizes including an 'arctic adventure' for two to Finland, to pick up a couple new phones – the newly Nokia Lumia 800, naturally.


You'll also get points for 'liking' the app on Facebook, sharing it, tweeting about it and inviting other people to use it.


In case you're not swayed by the possibility of winning things, Microsoft have even got Blur bassist Alex James (yes, the cheese making one) in as 'creative consultant'. Into by Windows Phone users will be privy to 'exclusive content' from him and other guests, while James will actually curate and host an 'insider social' on 5 December.


James had this to say: 'By providing such a personalised experience, Windows Phone draws in all that's important to me; my hobbies and all my interests, and the ability to keep in touch and share everything I care about with everyone I care about.'


into by Windows Phone will be available to download from Windows Marketplace this week.



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