iPad 3 to feature Retina display?

Just when you've spent your savings on the new iPhone 4S, the latest Apple-related rumour is of a next generation iPad being tested on iOS 5.


Asian IT publication Digitimes is claiming that test devices, codenamed J1 and J2, are in existence, fuelled by references to J2 in the development code strings for iOS 5. As always with Apple rumours, that's all they are but quite often they end up very close to reality further down the line.


The paper also claims that programming code within the operating system points at the iPad 3 having a 2048x1536 resolution display. If this is the case, an iPad with a Retina display is going to blow every other tablet out of the water when it comes to screen definition.


Theoretically, testing on iOS 5 could mean a launch might not be too far away but as always with Apple, nothing's certain until they actually hit the shelves – March next year if the last two iPads were anything to go by.


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