APP WATCH: Google Search app improved for iPad

Google has followed up its Gmail iOS app with another new addition to Apple's platform, an enhanced version of Google Search for the iPad.

This new version is all about using the iPad's interface to its fullest, as well as creating an all-round better search experience. It's certainly faster, with Google Instant at work here, so you get results as soon as you start typing. Once you've found what you want, a slide-in pane layers over the search results, with the option to slide back if you want the original search results again. Instant previews are also here, so you don't need to leave the search screen to see what the search engine has dug up.

Google Search for iPad is also improved for images. Tap on image results and you get an 'image carousel', with the option to expand or easily scroll through the found images. Talking of images, Google also keeps a visual record of your search history within the app, so you can see, at a glance, which pages you've visited in the recent past.

Finishing things off is easy access to all the other web-based Google apps and features (Google News, Calendar, Reader etc), quick reading of Gmail-based emails and Google+ functionality. Google doesn't want you going anywhere else, that's for sure.

If you are running iOS 4.0 or above, download it now for free or simply upgrade your existing app.

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