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The phone hit the shelves last week, but something was missing from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Adobe Flash Player. If you needed to access a Flash page, you would be asked to download the Flash Player, but you can't actually get it via the Android Market. That's perfectly normal, says Google.

Unfortunately, Adobe has yet to update Flash Player for Android so it is compatible with Android 4.0. With Adobe announcing the end of mobile Flash, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be forgiven for fearing the worst. But Google has moved to calm those fears. Speaking to SlashGear, the company said: 'Flash hasn’t been released for ICS yet so as far as we know, Adobe will support Flash for ICS.' Short and sweet, but the underlying theme is that mobile Flash will be upgraded, allowing you to access your favourite Flash pages and apps in time.

As you would expect from the first product from a new generation of smartphones, there are teething problems, with Flash just being one of them. Pocket-lint reports that some early adopters are complaining of software glitches, including one that lowers the volume randomly and without warning. Very annoying if you happen to be listening to some tunes on the bus or train.

Vodafone has taken the step of holding the phone back. In a statement, it said: 'We're continuing to test the Galaxy Nexus software to ensure our customers get the best possible experience of the device. We'll provide concrete details on availability once the testing process has been successfully completed.'

Perhaps Vodafone is aware of those bug reports and wants to make sure it isn't going to faced with a glut of complaints and returns. Although to be fair, O2 and Phones 4u, which are both selling the phone, claim they have yet to receive any complaints about the software on-board the Galaxy Nexus. Have you encountered any problems with your new handset? Do let us know.

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