Nokia Lumia 601 handset outed?

Is it real or is it fake? The jury is still out on what is claimed to be the Nokia Lumia 601.

The images were posted onto the Pocketnow website, with the initial details from a 'reliable source' suggesting this is the mystery third smartphone in the Nokia Windows Phone range. Possibly the recently-discussed third phone in the range that was mentioned by the head of Nokia France. That was said to be the 800, but here, it's pictured as the Nokia 601, which really only adds to the confusion. Numbering suggests this is a lower level smartphone. But with a better, eight-megapixel camera than the Lumia 700? That can't be right, can it?

In terms of its legitimacy, the images match an unreleased phone caught in a video (now blocked) promoting the Windows platform with Nokia last week, so on the face of it, the phone could be genuine. But there are concerns about the image, not least, because it is still a render, rather than a photo. The site leaking it has concerns about that camera too, which looks like one from the Symbian-powered C7. It also claims the image is a bit 'off' and not of the quality of previous leaks.

So until more evidence arrives, we can class this as a 'maybe'. Perhaps the Nokia Windows Phone range is set to expand further than we previously anticipated? Time will tell.

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